Raw. Sacred. Surprise and delight. There’s reason one in five visitors return to Costa Rica. An authentic sense of place is the pulse of pura vida. With the Costa Rican coast as muse, our newest projects celebrate connectivity from the outdoors in. There’s something about designing in a Blue Zone—those coveted areas where people are happiest and live the longest—that garners new perspective. As such, we’re thrilled to share from-the-field inspiration from our latest trip to Costa Rica.


Located in the Golden Corridor—where the jungle kisses the ocean—this rare, pristine stretch of land is perfectly poised to respect the area’s natural beauty, while inviting others to discover the country’s unique lifestyle. Demesne has partnered with Con Amor to envision a project with a distinctly unique vantage point—both physically and figuratively. Con Amor’s dedication to sustainability and supporting the community is defined by discovery. Located in Southern Costa Rica in the Puntarenas Province, think 180-degree views, exclusive outdoor-indoor living, inspired water features, and incredible adventure. The Golden Corridor is one of the most tranquil areas in the country. Discover this project’s multi-generational wow factor here.